The Londoner inspired Avocado spaghetti

The Londoner is very entertaining and I have made a bunch of delicious recipes from there, but the blogger’s lack of relationship with Christ is not right.

I made this last night in seeking to make healthier choices with food, as my body belongs to Christ, as the Bible says so, if you are a Christian. So, I value nurturing this God-given body with healthy, nourishing meals and snacks. Doing this generally allows for the energy to work hard, have better moods, feel physically and mentally stable and even empowered. That’s not to say you will be in nirvana (freedom from suffering), as that is an inevitable part of the Christian life.
But for those of you who are in Christ, feel encouraged. Why? because after this life of pain and suffering, you will have an eternity with none of that, but with Christ, the visible image of the invisible God… supreme over all creation – Colossians 1:15*! ❤
I really love avocados, they are in season (shepherd variety) here in North Coast New South Wales, Australia and my family have been blessed with a bounty of them. Here is the recipe:
here is how I altered it:
-I used melted butter instead of olive oil. Both are good-for-you fats (yes, the saturated fat from butter is apparently actually good for you!). You can use either, but in using butter, it probably gives a healthy combination/balance of monounsaturated fats (from the avocado) and saturated fat (from the butter). Olive oil, butter, the choice is yours! 🙂
-Instead of going overboard by using the extra avocado mentioned in the post, I simply used a leftover piece of avocado and used 4 full avocados for the 4 people (myself included) that I served this meal.
-I melted the butter then poured it in it’s melted form and then measured it into a glass measuring jug instead of plastic as it is (I think) safer.
-Again, to be a little safer, I put the pasta into a wooden bowl and then mixed it around. I then stirred in the avocado mixture and served.
Enjoy! 🙂
May God bless you richly ❤
*Feel free to correct me if I got the passage wrong

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