How to use an Eftpos Machine

It all depends on whether the customer is purchasing, getting cash out or asking for a refund. However, let’s specifically explore the most likely scenario, that is, purchasing.

This post is inspired by the video in the link below:

  1. Select the purchasing option on the machine
  2. Enter the required amount of money on the machine, based on what the charge is for the purchase
  3. Type in the customer’s desired cash out amount
  4. Enter
  5. Swipe or insert card. Note: if the card is chipped, it needs to be inserted.
  6. Select account (check, savings or credit. Ask the customer!)
  7. Enter pin code
  8. Let the receipt print
  9. Ask customer if they wish to have a receipt copy
  10. If they do, print another receipt by pressing “ENTER”. Keep one receipt for yourself and give the other to the customer

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