Flashback – Europe 2013!

Yesterday I published a post where I spoke about the idea of travelling to Europe.

I also mentioned how I had been fortunate (spoiled, really) to have been travelling to various places growing up. Something that not everybody gets to experience. But if you want to travel, you can set a goal and accomplish it. It’s so, so worth it.

Join me as I share with you photos from a June-July 2013 Europe trip.

à Lucerne (2)

My French grandparents/mother’s parents and I roamed Lucerne in the gentle sunny weather…

Bad Säckingen vue depuis Stein en Suisse (1)château du Trompeter von Säckingen

I am not sure where this is… Switzerland or Germany? Anyway…

église baroque des Jésuites 11°s. (6)

Elaborate church…


Amazing day in my favourite city… j’adore Paris

Lugano  Castagnola (1)Lugano  Castagnola (2)Lugano  Castagnola (4)

Above: Lugano strolling with my grandparents. Lugano  Castagnola (6)Lugano (27)Lugano monte S+Salvatore 900m en funiculaire (8)Lugano monte S+Salvatore 900m en funiculaire (9)

above: spectacular much?Lugano monte S+Salvatore 900m en funiculaire (10)

Lugano is like… a cute lego cityLugano monte S+Salvatore 900m en funiculaire (13)P1140753

Back in Paris. My grandfather and I rode the train there from his home in Alsace early in the morning. I saw the Arc de Triomphe and it’s surrounds shortly after arriving in Paris… although I felt tired and cranky as I walked out of the train station, the view was unique and breath taking.


Above and below: Back in Mulhouse, Alsace, France, at my grandparent’s house. The home away from home.


Above: Green-ey green green nature in my grandparents’ yard

Tour des fortifications et promenade le long de la Reuss à Lucerne (1)

^Just one of the many old castles in Europe

Viviane à cheval sur la ligne de frontière entre la Suisse et l'Allemagne

^Lucerne, Switzerland

Now back to May 2016, I am currently in my home country, Australia. I really look forward to returning to Europe next year, if God wills.

Where in the world are you at the moment?


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