Self sufficiency

I love the concept of self sufficiency.

Just the gratification of making/growing/collecting meals/crops/firewood from scratch.

Delayed gratification.

Here is the lowdown on self sufficiency:

  • Food and drink – Farming goats, cows and/or sheep for dairy and/or meat, farming pigs for meat and fertiliser. Growing vegetables, pulses, grains and fruit.
  • Water – Collecting from a river or a well
  • Hygiene – Washing in a river, making soap from scratch
  • Shelter – Farming sheep for wool, building a shelter from debris
  • Entertainment – Growing flowers because they are pretty :), bonding with family and friends, doing crafts
  • Travel – walking and running
  • Clothing – use animal skins , spin wool

Now, you don’t have to take self sufficiency to the extreme, but most of us can take little steps on the way there. In the next post I plan to write about more practical self sufficiency. Now, each individual/family would thrive off different types and methods of self sufficiency, so you may choose what works for you and your family 🙂

God bless x



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