Is it actually possible to just “stop spending?”

In regards to getting out of debt, someone, naming no names, said that this is how you get out of debt: to “stop spending”.

I took a few moments to analyse what she meant.

My tendency to take things literally led me to take the words, “stop spending”, well… literally!

That made me think for a moment.

What about bills? What about organic food? (or just food in general really)

Could you just stop using utilities, and rely on the mercy of the community to get free food? (or starve yourself for that matter…) Shall you let yourself get dirtier from a lack of showers?

The problem with that is that you would likely trap yourself into the cycle of poverty. Think about it for a second…

Of course, I don’t think she meant it literally. Do you think she meant, “spend only as necessary, and establish a reasonably (or to extremely if necessary) tight budget”? Like bringing before God how you might deal with your debt and how to use your money, what to spend and what not to spend, in Jesus’ name.

Am I making sense?

Anyway, the concept of literally stopping spending has sparked in me an interest to investigate just how possible it may be to spend 0 more dollars.

First of all, let’s keep necessary payments like health insurance and taxes in the equation.

Got it?

Now let’s imagine you denied yourself any running water until your last cent of debt was paid.

How would that change your life?

(Please note that I am not saying you have to do this, nor do I recommend you do this. But let’s take a moment to remember that a lot of people don’t have access to running water and/or clean water. Pray that their physical needs for accessible clean water and spiritual needs for Jesus will be fulfilled, in Jesus’ name.)

Now let’s imagine you survived on discarded bread from the large-scale bin near a super market, food that has accumulated in your cupboard, food that your friends, family and neighbours shout you, community garden produce and soup kitchen meals?

What if you had to trek to collect water from an unsafe river?

Then you proceed to sleeping, on a street floor or a barbecue area, wrapped up in your precious doonas and pillows, knowing that you probably won’t be buying any more any time soon.

How would your life change?

All that to pay off your debt?

It is possible, but is it necessary to do so to get out of debt?

That won’t likely get you out of debt, as doing so can rob you of job opportunities. And that is basically the sad truth about poverty.

Unfortunately, many people have to face this reality.

Let’s pray:

  • that God would provide shelter, clothing, food and safe water to those in need
  • that importantly, the Good News would be made known to them and that they would receive it gladly and finally accept Christ as Saviour
  • that the people denied basic rights would be filled with hope and joy from God, regardless of circumstances

In Jesus’ name, amen

So, perhaps a more logical approach, in regards to getting out of debt, would be to simply live… simply!

I encourage you guys to read the passage in the link below, and let Jesus’ words speak instead of my own:

God bless you all,

Viviane Feeney


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