2016 in photos

DSCN2154bedtime snack! mixed herbs and crumbled paneer on toast. Thank you God!IMG_6488

mum, sis and I at my cousin’s wedding. Wearing my favourite dress ❤IMG_6517


Lodging trip inland, in Ebor. Not a bad view… God is a creative God!


Fusspots – a cafe in Ebor. Cafe’s excite me, and are special to me with the high price tag to buy a coffee there. 90% of the coffee I drink (daily atm!) is home brewed, yet cafe coffee is a real specialty. So I savoured my time at Fusspots! Shout out to Fussposts cafe in Ebor! in https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g504250-d3874311-Reviews-Fusspots_at_Ebor-Guyra_New_South_Wales.html


DSCN2174the nature that God created; waterfalls and wild forests in Ebor


Cookin’ away at the cabin where I stayed with my parents in Ebor. No electricity, fire going, rugging up in a cosy cardy. The simple things in life… ❤DSCN2215

avocado and tomato on toast. Avocados are the best things ever. My mum calls me an “avocado monster”.

Have a lovely day,

Viviane x


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