Sad, sad confession

Let’s start with the negative. Time for confession. I don’t like to post negative content on my baby blog, but God delights in honesty and, probably transparency.

But let’s get the gory details out of the way, and then I might tell you the good things that have happened in upcoming posts.

God delights in a grateful heart, for sure.

I had a French cyclist over. When I found out about how he has an online job that means he can travel over a relatively long period of time, I got tempted to be jealous, or, worse, I fell already into the sin of jealousy.

Thank God that He sent Jesus to die for our sins!

I paused, and prayed to God in confession. I confessed my wrong and I understood that it was sinful of me to be jealous of my neighbour’s job.

I also realise there is a difference between desires and needs.

A work from home job may be highly desirably, but it ain’t a need.

God provides His people with everything they NEED, NOT want.

Life would stink if we got everything we wanted anyway. Everything would be taken for granted.

Everyone needs forgiveness, and my envy tonight is no exception.

Happy forgiveness in Christ!



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