Travelling – what’s your style?

  • Cycling: economical, lots of exercise and time outside, lots of rest come evening when it’s too dark to cycle.
  • Helpx: economical, adventurous (staying with new families in unfarmiliar homes, if you are into that), gaining insight into another family and enjoying time with them. Not to mention, being treated like royalty…(my parents are Helpx hosts and they took two Dutch helpers to see a circus… aww..) #helpx
  • Guided tour: many of your expenses are paid for, hang out with like-minded youth and have a ton of fun!
  • In regards to transport, you could walk, ride, take a bus, car, van, plane, train…

I am personally leaning towards guided tour. Probably Top Deck, as they do good tours… Shout out to #topdecktours !

Which travelling style is for you?


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