28 things to be grateful for

  1. Jesus dying and rising again
  2. ability to ride a bike
  3. and drive a car
  4. ability to read and write
  5. freedom to go to church with little persecution in Australia
  6. time to write on my blog
  7. the garden
  8. getting to volunteer at my church’s Community Cafe, which serves free food to anyone who comes, like possibly this afternoon/evening
  9. getting to volunteer at a serene, outdoor environment at a rose farm.
  10. access to medicine and a team of healthcare professionals: psychiatrist, psychologist, two doctors and a dietitian
  11. all my friends, family and neighbours ❤
  12. there is safety and peace where I live
  13. food to eat, not just for survival but for thriving
  14. the creativity of our Creator
  15. access to clean drinking water
  16. even being able to access it straight from the tap at home
  17. my health has improved by far this year
  18. this was a while back, but the way my mum cared for me when I was sick, preparing meals playing stories for me
  19. having been travelling around to various countries like France, Switzerland and Japan
  20. morning cuppa coffee
  21. having a job
  22. the sun is shining outside (or is it raining where you are?)
  23. I’m invited to go to the beach today
  24. the beach being close to home
  25. opportunities
  26. access to hygiene and sanitation
  27. green trees
  28. blue sky

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