2013 flashback

2013 was one of the most exciting years of my life. Here are a few photos from around 3 years back…serene view from a vineyard hill in Alsace…

with my brother at his wedding in Sydney, Australia…

Lucerne, Switzerland with my grandparents…

in Alsace, France: went with my auntie to the castle ruins

au jardin au retour (2)

me grand folks’ neat back garden…


the most magical city in the world… basically goes without saying…

Lugano  Castagnola (4)

the little cutie of a city Lugano, Switzerland…Lugano monte S+Salvatore 900m en funiculaire (9)

neat view eh?…


Aussie suburban girl soaking in Paris…


A few minutes after emerging from the train station to begin one of the most epic days of my life…P1140795back to the home away from home…


the humble home of my mum’s French parents…

what are your best 2013 memories?


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