a day in Paris, 2013

I know that I have already posted a few photos from that amazing day I spent in Paris. However, I thought I would do a blog post that focuses on that special day, even if that means reusing photos.

fresh in the early morning, my grandfather and I hopped on a train from Mulhouse to Paris.

yes, I know what you may be thinking, ugh trains.

but this train ride was one heck of an adventure.

I no longer have the photos of that ride but it goes like this:

interesting villages built with love, lots of green fields…

all the while listening to the best music.

I also nibbled on a flakey almond biscuit and yogurt.



Finally we hopped off the train and emerged from the depths of the underground train station and into the city where it took some adjusting, what with a sudden change of scenery in a place so heavy with crowds and architecture.


there we were, up the top of Arch de Triomphe….


did you really go to Paris if you didn’t have a photo taken with the Eiffel tower in view?


we met with a, I think, stranger over creamy, delicate chocolat chaud. Isn’t it cool how strangers just connect?


My grandfather and I met with his friend, who offered me my first (I think) macarons. Oh-so much more amazing than I was expecting. Creamy and jammy. Perfect.

It was an amazing day.


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