22 ways to save for travelling

I have read the post, “50 WAYS I SAVED (A LOT) OF MONEY TO TRAVEL THE WORLD” from a blog with a not-so-favourable title (http://www.worldofwanderlust.com/50-ways-i-saved-a-lot-of-money-to-travel-the-world/). Here are some save-for-travel (or other things) tips inspired by this article and added. Feel free to take what works for you, and leave what doesn’t. 🙂

  1. Drive your car minimally, and walk/ride where you can. Maybe you could commit to riding your bike to work?
  2. Eat what you have already got at home
  3. bring your own meal if meeting friends over breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  4. wear what you’ve already got
  5. put on another layer of clothing instead of turning up the heater
  6. cut your usage of lights, water, heat etc.
  7. brew your own coffee instead of buying one (the price of cafe-bought coffee hurts!)
  8. move into a cheaper place to rent, and/or move closer to where you work
  9. cut down on your alcohol consumption. Your liver will thank you along with your wallet.
  10. cut down on/ remove sugary drinks that also add empty calories that your body would be better of without: fruit juice, fizzy drinks…
  11. like Brooke in World of Wanderlust was saying, grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs.
  12. additionally, farm your own chickens for eggs. But remember that you need to negotiate who’s going to take care of them if you travel, or give them up. Plus you need space. Hence, I’m not sure if this is ideal for saving for travels, but anyway…
  13. make your own food from scratch. Think of what premade foods you eat, then see how you can incorporate making them in your weekly/daily schedule. Examples include yogurt, bread, condiments, cultured veggies and whatever else you can think of. 
  14. eat slower. Chew thoroughly, such as 25-50 times before swallowing, taking small bites. You could eat with teaspoons instead of tablespoons, dessert forks instead of standard forks or even chop sticks. (Now I must practice what I preach). This could result in you eating less, and therefore your grocery bill being cut. You could also lose weight.
  15. eat seasonal fruit and vegetables: it’s healthier, cheaper and more delicious. “Seasonal food is what our bodies need throughout the year,” (Judy Davie, 2009, “Eat in sync with the seasons”, my body + soul)
  16. consider carpooling… (http://www.coseats.com/carpool)
  17. wherever you go, come prepared with snacks on hand, so you are less likely to go hungry and buy expensive snacks out.
  18. Same applies for meals. For example, you could take your own lunch to work instead of buying a takeout meal
  19. consider being a pescetarian/vegetarian, or simply cut down on meat.
  20. give up vices like gambling, smoking and heavy drinking. Jesus can help you and break those chains!
  21. keep entertained (and fit!) for free or low cost: beach walks (if you are spoiled to be living near the beach), strolling, bike rides, hiking, watching movies you already have at home, reading books from the library, board games, building a fort… wow, the list goes on!
  22. cut your phone plan

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