speaking up: persecuted church

it’s easy to come to church and return home safely ande enjoy a restful Sunday in the comfort, privacy and safety of your home.

As is the case here in Australia.

it’s also easy for me to make this blog all about the fun in my life, like going travelling just for the fun of it, whether I even blog about it or not.

However, there are many Christians worldwide who are being given death threats for their faith, hesitant to share their faith, abused by their non-Christian families and forced into labour camps.

And we are called, as one Body of Christ, to support each other, pray for one another and build each other up.

Open doors is an organisation that seeks to support Christians in 100 countries in the world in which there is the most persecution towards Christians.

There is more information about the Open doors in the link below:


we can all do things like donate (https://www.opendoors.org.au/give/) and host a Meal for Many, to name a few. If you are reading this and you are a Christian facing persecution, I encourage you to ask Jesus to help you stand firm in your faith under extreme pressure through.

God bless,



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