Get your veggies/greens: more pleasant, sustainable and fun!

So, I’m putting in an effort to get my 6 serves of veggies a day. Sounds hard? It sure goes against the grain here in Australia, but for the sake of my health, I’m willing to give it a try. It takes practice, day in, day out. It also takes trial and error.

Yesterday, at lunch, I had a vegetable soup. With that soup I threw in a large handful of garden greens, predominantly kale, for extra veggies.

(I thought) I didn’t have time to chew it all during my lunch break, and force-munching big, bulky kale is not something I want to be doing everyday.

That brings me to idea 1: You could blend up a vegetable soup! (great for winter, as it is here in Australia right now!) If using root veggies, you could cook them well as a base for the soup. You could then add in greens like spinach, kale and chard at the end, and blend it up! Making smooth, delicious soups can help make eating your vegetables not feel like a chore.

green soup.jpg

Idea 2: in the hot climate, chilled soup and green smoothies ate go!green smoothie.jpgchilled soup.jpg

You could also blend your veggies into a pasta sauce… even hide it in desserts! You could take your favourite recipe and see how you could sneak some veggies in there!

warm smoothies with sneaky veg are great for the wintertime when we have an aversion to regular cold smoothies and basically cold everything!

warm smoothie.jpg

what are some practical/sneaky/sustainable/fun/easy ways you could eat your veggies?


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