let’s put an end to dieting

Okay, I am not saying that diets are inherently bad.

They can help. Gluten free can vastly improve the quality of life for people with coeliac disease. I’m a pescetarian …

But, in all honesty, how much time, energy and money do we put into expensive, restrictive fad diets?

We could all just destroy the chains of diets and live in freedom, right? (only through Christ can chains be truly broken)

Food is meant to nourish, fuel and be enjoyed, but not abused, and certainly not to torture you; think of an ice cream saying, “you can’t have me!”

Think of all the ice creams and cookies, brownies and pasta and toast we have missed out on because of the lie that we can’t eat those things or else.

I’m not saying gorge yourself to death on ice cream.

Moderation is key.

But I do really encourage you NOT to starve yourself to death by making white foods, dairy, sugar, fried food and even eggs, taboo. The list of quote-on-quote “taboo” foods goes on.

My dietitian has taught me that there is no good and bad food, that it’s all about a balance, and that oreos and chocolate “can be part of a healthy diet”.

Very insightful.

Imagine a life where you can enjoy macarons and bacon (funny I’m saying that as a pesco), cheese toasties and gelato?

Well, that ain’t a fantasy. You are entitled to that kind of life. (within reason, of course.) Who denied you that life? That sly little voice that told you you must not eat this or you are a big, fat pig who must be whipped. Okay, that was brutal, but you know what I mean, right?

Dieting can make you miss out on not only a good gelato, but enjoying gelato, in the sun, with your backpacking friends, in Italy, on your overseas vacation in Europe. Or you could miss the macarons and chocolat chaud on your once-in-a-blue-moon trip to Paris.

above: incase you missed the captions, the photos depict experiencing dainty macarons and chocolat chaud in Paris.

Jesus came that you might have freedom, and that includes freedom from the claws of dieting. He came to SET YOU FREE!

You can decide today to rip up and throw out the bossy voices telling you “eat this don’t eat that, NEVER DO THIS!”. Like the voice that told you not to combine an animal protein with a starch? You don’t need to spend the rest of your life afraid to touch a plate of spaghetti (starch) with meat sauce (animal protein), eggs on toast or mash potato on steak because of what a PERSON told you. You sure don’t have to find yourself at a once-in-a-blue-moon family banquet, only to find they serve meat AND potato on the same plate, so you excuse yourself to the toilets, scraping precious food scraps off your plate into the bin on the way, going home hungry and causing you and your family grief!

Basically, you can choose to let go of diets and destruction today. Instead, you can choose freedom. You can choose life. You can choose Jesus.

God bless,

Viviane Feeney


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