why it is ideal to travel in your youth/ the near future


  • you have not settled down yet
  • the economy may be about to crash and is, in fact, already crashing
  • you have more time to explore the world now than you may ever have in your life. For example, if you are a university student, you may have generous 2 month holidays, more than you may ever get (until probably long service leave)
  • what better time to start planning and saving for your travelling adventure than now?
  • you may be young, fit and healthy. Let’s just say you can go far
  • it would be ideal to see the world before getting married, buying a house, settling down and starting a family.
  • God may have called you to go somewhere. You could impact others for etrnity on another point of the globe, and around the globe.

over to you! What are some more reasons to travel in your youth or in the near future?


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