why you don’t have to “run from the chocolate”

so, I read a blog post about “health tips”. I will spare you the gory details and say that the tips in there were quite harmful; basically, advocating restriction. Over-restriction, in my book, is not healthy. In fact, too much restriction can wreak havoc on your mental health, as well as your physical, in the sense of cutting out too many foods and under eating.

One thing the blog post said was, something along the lines of run from the chocolate, you’ll crave what you put into your body.  Well, I guess she has a valid point but in all honesty, what is healthier, depriving yourself of chocolate and feeling miserable about it, or allowing yourself to enjoy some chocolate in moderation?

Here’s why you don’t have to “run from the chocolate”:

  • chocolate is something you can enjoy as part of a healthy diet
  • like I said before, you could either eat chocolate in moderation and enjoy it, or deprive yourself of chocolate and feel cranky and miserable about it
  • if you attach a stigma to eating chocolate, and you end up giving in and eating chocolate, you could end up feeling even more miserable. Chocolate is not exactly cheap, so if you’re gonna eat it, you might as well enjoy it!
  • a little chocolate never hurt anybody (unless you have a cocoa allergy or lactose intolerance, but you know what I mean, right?)
  • God grew the cocoa beans. God grew the sugar canes. God provides milk.

So there you go. Chocolate does not have to be taboo. Chocolate is good. Chocolate is permitted, within reason (none of us want to gorge ourselves to death on chocolate, but I won’t touch on that.). God won’t whip you for eating and enjoying chocolate, within reason.

Happy chocolate eating!


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