coconut, coffee, croissant

this morning I was in for quite a bit of a treat.

I’m trying to save just about every penny to go travelling next year but…

I excused myself to a Thai coconut from woolies / a natural electrolyte drink / an incredibly delicious treat of a coconut (both the water and the meat!).

I have yet to taste it.

That afternoon I grabbed a cappuccino and a croissant (more heavy spending – ouch!) and went walking, nibbling and sipping my way through them, until I decided to stop this snacking-on-the-go and wait until I was actually seating to continue.

After refreshing with my cappuccino and croissant I headed off to venture further, greeted by dreamy palm trees and blue skies on the way.

I (was fortunate to have the legs to!) make it up to a look out that overlooks Coffs Harbour jetty where I met up with my mum.

meeting our eyes was a whale that splashed to it’s heart content in the sea. We drove down to a headland and climbed that headland to have a closer look.

It was us, the headland, beautiful blue sea on a mild (warm actually, I guess!) Aussie winter afternoon.

What did we have to complain about?


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