practical and responsible coffee-drinking tips

  • coffeehydrate first
  • savour the coffee: it may be tempting to grab a quick coffee and mindlessly slurp it on the go, but it’s far more rewarding to sit down and taste. that. coffee. You may be satisfied with less caffeine if you do that.
  • choose quality over quantity: the real stuff over instant
  • drink water while drinking coffee. When I do that, I taste the coffee after taking sips of water. Can anyone science-smart explain?
  • If the heat of coffee is what you crave, you could drink warm water
  • if the milk is what you crave, maybe just a hot milk or a babycino could make the cut…
  • dilute the coffee with hot water. That’s right, diluting it, while making it weaker, does seem to make it seem (double seem, I know) like a more hearty, hot drink, helping you to be satisfied with less caffeine as there is more glorious, hot water.

Coffee is good, but, unlike what they say, you CAN have too much of a good thing. Everything in moderation (you may disagree but let’s just be at peace with each other still okay?)

Happy coffee drinking!



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