hostels or hotels?

when it comes to travelling and accommodation, which do you choose? Would you be willing to spend extra for the comfort? (hotel) Or would you settle for less, knowing what you’ve got is a luxury compared to where many people around the world sleep? (hostel, very true) let’s look at the pros and cons of both:


the negative:

  • the price, especially if you do it consistently and repeatedly, is pretty unjustifiable unless you have earned a relatively solid amount. But should you really splurge on a hotel even then? Take that to Jesus. He is the Son of God, and God is in control. He is the Provider and Dictator. As long as He is number one and not the hotel you are staying at.

the positive:

  • better sleep, privacy, space, comfort, you get the picture
  • you’ve got “your own” space to contemplate, pray and get work done.


the negative:

  • because you are sharing room, there may be greater temptation to have sex outside marriage, the last thing we all want, in the end. </3
  • there may be people getting drunk there, or going out to get drunk and enticing you to come along.
  • apparently people at hostels are more closed off to the idea of Jesus, so preaching there may be a lot less fruitful than say, preaching to children.
  • all the dodgy behaviour there.
  • so much noise, you might just be tempted to flee.
  • people might reject you there, and attack you. But as Christians we are not called to live a sheltered life.
  • apparently at hostels there is a lack of regard to making sure the bedrooms are for single-sex use only.
  • Unlike the hostel I stayed at, the beds may not be as comfy. But who am I to complain? Some people don’t even have a cardboard box.
  • you may have trouble sleeping there, as there is noise and 6 other people around you.

the positive:

  • the youthful environment can be uplifting
  • it’s cheaper but still a solid shelter
  • from my experience, (staying in a local hostel!) the beds were oh-so-comfy. I slept like a baby (though babies, in reality, keep waking up, but back on topic)

conclusion: basically it’s what suits your budget. But most importantly, whatever we choose, we must always glorify God in it.

additional point: even though I came up with many negatives and not many positives in regards to hostels, I still think hostels are very worth it for budget travelers, which is many  of us youth. Also, I realise there is no need for you or me to spend more on hotels. There is a travel blogger who admits that she chooses to stay in hotels and pay more for it, but that doesn’t mean you or me should do the same. None of us want to get in debt going for the “best” all the time.

anyway, enough negativity, (though there is to be no sugar-coating in this life!). Happy travels, enjoy every day of it! As long as God is with you. Have a great adventure 🙂


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