Europe adventure, 2013, part 1

okay, I am a big fan of the past. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that right? Anyway, for anyone who is interested, here is an in-depth story of my memorable adventure to and in Europe, in 2013. One of my fondest memories. (might make a series of this!)

The day of departure:

a lazy day off. I chilled at home, made myself a berry smoothie and let my inner old age look at houses. Finally I left with mum to Coffs Harbour airport, where I sat down with her and enjoyed a hot, delicious jaffle for lunch, excitement about leaving building up.

on the plane from Coffs to Sydney I hopped, feelin’ pretty positve. As we took off, I stared out the window as the world below shrank. The cabin crew showed great hospitality, giving me biscuits to nibble (I think). I will admit, I let myself get lost looking out the window, until finally whipping out my now-gone iPad. Just after I did that, cabin crew announced that we were about to land! Where the heck did all that time go? I had been gazing out the window the whole 1.5-2 or so hours! (ridiculous when I think back to it.)

Sydney arrival. Epic. (The adventure begins in the airport!) I met up with my sister there, who led me to the next gate I had to be at for the next flight: Singapore! She offered me biscuits and we talked about how I was studying Italian at school. At the gate I buy myself a a gourmet cookie (naughty, I know. There is plenty of food on flight, plus those biccies from my sister!)

Finally, on the big, epic A380 flight from to Singapore, I go. Words cannot describe the excitement I feel flying, especially on long-haul flights (although I’m aware that even the most keen traveler despises being on planes). On that plane, I met a fellow traveler who was off to see family in Italy (sharing in the excitement of travelling to Europe and staying with family, as I was off to see family, too.) I also smashed out a chunk of my holiday homework of writing Italian diary entries on my iPad and listened to the best music to pump me through the long hours. If you do it right, with the right attitude, long-haul flights are an epic adventure!

No photo available from this early stage of my adventure (the ipad with which I took flight selfies is dead – nothing in this world lasts forever).

However, thank you for reading, and more on the trip of a lifetime another time, I’m off to bed now. Goodnight!


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