Living The Good Life by Linda Cockburn – review

Interested in sustainability but don’t know where to start? Could you go six months without spending a dollar? Gain insight into a family who decided to turn their backyard into a family feeder for an entire six months. Would you miss the happy, homey environment of a coffee shop while you sit down and sip your frothy, delicate cappuccino?

Or would having a beautiful, nourishing meal that you grew and cooked yourself outweigh that loss?

What if you got to enjoy, not only a home-brewed coffee, but a backyard-grown, home-roasted coffee?

Would you finally shed those kilos you’ve been meaning and longing to lose, have the most memorable meal of your life, and work the most satisfying work you’ve ever done or ever will?

Would you even have to work a day in your life if you thoroughly enjoy the adrenaline rush of biking uphill, picking slugs off kale, sowing and reaping in the fresh air and baking bread in the comfort of home?

Would you be prepared to deal with constant drought?

If you read this Living the Good Life you will gain insight into the grueling and fulfilling journey of the six months of torture and satisfaction that the self-sufficiency lifestyle for this family provoked. Yo u may be inspired by this book to become part of fully self-sufficient, whether you decide to feed your family 100% from your backyard or grow a few mushrooms in a dark corner in your apartment and a few pots of herbs on your windowsill. Hook in for an insight into the family of Linda Cockburn… you can find the book below…


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