Professional Kitchen Survival Tips

Inspired by Stella Culinary’s article, 10 Tips For Surviving a Professional Kitchen (

  • do your best to avoid getting cuts on your hands not having cuts saves you wasting time, in a fast-paced kitchen environment, changing your ban-daid because it keeps slipping off.
  • have a water bottle on hand everyone needs water. You want to stay hydrated on the job.
  • hair in bun & hair net/hat/snood not only does this keep your hair from falling into food, but it’s the rule in many kitchens. Even if it is not specifically required, you should still do that anyway.
  • keep your area looking tidy at all times. Customers are more likely to want to eat where the kitchen and dining room looks tidy.
  • know what you are doing then your product will end up successfully because you will know, say, what ingredients to use, what proportions, and, basically, your product will end up as exactly what the customer wants. Goes without saying.
  • know how to prioritise again, this goes without saying.
  • beat your speed can you move a bit quicker than you are now? You probably can.
  • use quiet time to prepare for peak time then when things get hectic in the kitchen, you are prepared.
  • there’s always something to do! I suggest you resist sitting on your phone or reading your book during quiet hours at work. You have all the time outside work to do that. Instead, use that time to clean equipment or prepare a product that may likely need to be used later, like setting up trays of chicken wings for later baking.
  • keep your head held high and your face lit up. Adopt a ‘can-do’ attitude. Whether you have the stamina to work long hours in a fast-paced kitchen highly depends on your attitude! So believe you can do it, and you can.
  • be flexible and willing to help out. Even though you may already be busy with set tasks, unexpected and urgent situations may arise that you need to deal with
  • breathe! Not only do we all need oxygen, but breathing will keep you calm in a hectic environment.

what are some of your tips for surviving in a professional kitchen?



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