appetite suppressants

Because often my stomach does not signal to my brain on time that I am full, I end up going over my calorie limit, which makes me feel mad at myself and scared that God will whip me for being a gluttonous pig.

So, I thought I’d search for appetite suppressants (other than shoving a knife known throat… UGHHHH!!!). They may or may not work. Some may, some may not, but I know deep down that the only thing that will cut it when it comes to avoiding overeating is a relationship with the Saviour Jesus Christ.

After you are at a right standing with God through the acceptance of Christ as Saviour, you can incorporate practical lifestyle and diet additions to help keep your deceptive hunger on a leash, or better, dead.



We should apparently aim to get 6 servings of veggies a day for optimal health, although for financial reasons it is not always possible. However, where you can, you could fill out your meals with seasonal veggies to add bulk without a lot of calories. Now I don’t know how true this is, but apparently the bulk of vegetables basically stretches the stomach out, making the nerve endings that indicate satiety more potent, which makes your stomach quicker to tell your brain that you are full. Info overload, I know, but basically, a diet rich in veggies could help keep hunger pangs at bay because of the bulk with few calories.



apparently, the protein and fat in eggs can slow digestion, making you feel fuller for longer and eating less calories for the rest of the day.



avos ii.jpg

now, unlike what I read in one article about appetite suppressants, featuring avocados, half an avocado on one slice of toast total for breakfast, keeping you full until lunch, is NOT a substantial amount of food. In fact, that does not even sound like half of the calories your body needs to survive. Yes, you need calories, and cutting calories too much can put your body in starvation mode. However, avocados, although high in calories (calories is something to have not too much or too little of), can keep hunger at bay due to the fat and fiber. Your best bet with avocados is to choose one that is nice and soft (no hard bits – causes terrible indigestion!) but not yet brown (ugh!)



basically the reason is stated in the following article:



a light, clear or non-starchy vegetable based soup over a creamy soup is your best bet. You could consume it before meals to fill your belly on less calories, due to the heat maybe. Basically, consuming a light soup before a meal could result in eating less at the main meal. Yew!



apparently lowers glycemic index. Plus it adds flavour with few calories (okay, this can be the last time I mention “calories” tonight or it could become an obsession… ugh) You could have a cinnamon tea, add it to your coffee or stir in into a steaming bowl of oatmeal. Yum!

Over to you! Can you come up with any appetite suppressants? We are in this together!


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