Europe adventure, 2013, part 2

After my flight from Sydney to Singapore, I was left to my own devices to change plane under a tight schedule. Swiftly I arrived at my next gate at Singapore airport and messaged my mum and dad saying I had arrived at my gate. Soon it was time to whip out my ticket and hop onto epic flight number two: Singapore to Zurich! Bring it awn. On I hopped, where I meditated looking out the plane window as I was taking off, was served croissant (an entree to my adventure en la France!) and an Indian-style dinner. I also watched  Ginger and Rosa. Not the best movie to be honest. As we were landing I got to see out the window (I got the window seat – how spoiled was I?) a Lego city of Zurich.

Finally I set foot in an airport in Zurich, Switzerland where my grandparents, Mamie and Papi welcomed me. There was a delicious smell of bakery there (Europe ranks high in amazing bakery quality!).

this looks like the airport I arrived at

Soon my grandparents and I drove to a town that I don’t even remember the name of. We sight saw for a bit, where Mamie offered me some croissant. It was the best feeling being in an exotic location on the opposite hemisphere; it felt strange yet exhilarating being in Europe all of a sudden from back home in Australia. Anyway, we headed to my home for the next three weeks, my grandparent’s homey home in Mulhouse, Alsace, France. I felt like I was visiting Greece over the summer; their house was white like in Santorini, they were cooked me delicious Gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes for lunch. Okay, that’s Italian, but you catch my drift, right? Basically it was like a Mediterranean summer holiday in Western Europe.

The next day, due to jet lag, I woke up so late that Mamie was already cooking lunch when I got up.

The adventure had only begun.


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