surviving (even making fun!) long flights

I am aware that even the keenest traveler does not particularly like flights. I, however, unlike probably the majority of travelers, love being on planes. It is in fact half the fun of travelling, like a flying hotel (no comfy bed though unless you fly first class). (you could even call it a flying party!) Yes, sleeping in economy class is painfully uncomfortable but other than that, you are looked after, entertained and about to hit a new, exotic destination. Heavenly. 

I have first hand experienced 24 hour (split, of course) flights growing up and I have loved every minute of this literally flying adventure. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

If you, however, are the opposite, here is a list of ways to not only survive, but to thrive and live it up in the speedy metal tube (flying party or hotel!) for 6, 8 even 24 hours:

  • Bring a book (or three!) got that book that you are aching to get through? You can really pass that time by reading away, great for travel-bug bitten bookworms!
  • Movies if you’re more of a movie person, there are countless options on your TV screen (you may already know this but how cool is it that you get your own TV!) of movies to choose from. You can knock out a godd 1.5 hours of your flight, or more if you decide to have an epic movie marathon (now’s your chance!)
  • Get comfy and cosy first of all, what goes without saying is to have a shower or bath before your flight, but being clean makes all the difference in being physically comfortable on flight (okay, the flesh counts for nothing, but you can and should wash before you hop on the plane!). Also, instead of dressing purely according to fashion or style (a little style is okay), dress in comfy clothing like loose (around the legs, not waist!) pants, clean cotton socks and plenty of warm layers like long sleeve cotton tops and a comfy jumper (or two) topped off with a wooly scarf. You can even wear ugg boots if you like! There may be a blanket provided too, jus’ sayin’…
  • Talk to the person next to you. There’s another soul to witness to! You could even…
  • …bring in a board game to play with the person next to you. I have not personally done it, but that is an idea.
  • Music! On my way from Sydney to Singapore and Singapore to Zurich, the wide selection of catchy music pumped me through the long flights and made it fun! You could even get a playlist together on your smart phone before leaving.
  • Enjoy the food they give you! Just as well food is provided, because who wants to go hungry on a long flight? Even if you hate flights no matter what, at least they give you food, thank goodness! There may even be dessert served! So there you go, you can look forward to the food on flight.
  • Smash through a task/s even though this flying party is a great place for recreational activities, especially in anticipation of an epic exotic holiday, you may still want to get some work done on flight. You could smash out some blog posts, edit photos, reply to emails (don’t let that take over your life, please), do some homework if you are a student etc.
  • Bring plenty of water. I am not in a position to dictate you about how much water you need to drink (different for everybody and varies depending on physical activity), but I recommend bringing as much water as you need, preferably more than enough instead of going thirsty. You could even bring enough so that you can share it with the person next to you!
  • Responsibly drink coffee too much coffee is definitely bad, but a little to pump you up for the marathon of a flight is okay. It can even keep you awake as sleeping on flight is probably not the first thing you want (okay maybe you are the opposite)
  • Get up and stretch your legs! I’m not saying do yoga on the plane, but I mean you are allowed to get up and walk and wander around, apart from takeoff and landing time.
  • Check out the pilot’s seat even if you are bored no matter the entertainment available (it’s actually pretty hard to get bored on flight if you do it right, {that rhymes} in my opinion), you could negotiate with cabin crew about exploring the art behind flying and check out the very front room where the pilots control the whole plane! (if you are allowed.) Are you bored now?
  • Be thankful, you are in luxury the fact that you are even on a plane, especially a long-haul flight, means you are in the minority of people around the world who get to travel on a plane (this statement is only a guess, based on no fact whatsoever.) Enjoy it to the full. You are high in the sky, being taken care of by pilots who steer you, and other crew who feed you, and a whole team of people have worked hard to provide you with a carefully engineered aircraft, topped with individual TV’s to keep entertained and blankets etc… all on your behalf. You have also worked hard to buy your plane ticket and you are literally going places!
  • pray for a safe flight. Prayer works! It may be God’s will though, that your plane might crash, but if you arrive safely, give thanks to God for it! Traveling is not exactly safe but you survived it! And even if you don’t, and you are a Christian, you will come home to Jesus.
  • More reading, more writing, more listening to music, more conversing with the person next to you! Need I say more? Not anymore I don’t think. Okay, no more of “more”. For now.
  • Write a bucket-list for what you choose to do at your destination



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