Europe adventure, 2013, part 4

Later on in my adventure to Europe I went off to stay with my auntie Francine. I am not talking about the Auntie mentioned in my previous post. This is my other Auntie who, like the latter, also lives in Alsace. Anyway, I set off to stay at a hotel… just kidding… Francine’s homey home in the scenic Gunsbach. Now, Francine is a teacher at a (really cute and cosy, shall I mention) combined pre-school and primary school. On my first day (I think) staying with her, it was, for the year, the last day of school for the students over there, and the last day of work for Francine. I came along with her to spend the day with the kids, who where bubbling with excitement over their last day. But none-the-less, the kids were still diligent and putting their heads down learning their ABC’s. I got to experience chilling out at the classroom loft eating a cake bar (or multiple, did I?). Bliss.

Later that day, the hour-long lunch break for Francine came. She then drove me to a local cafe and we both ate filling salmon tart with a side of salad. We returned and I was allowed to use a computer there (yay!) where I read some of the blog, The Londoner. (I don’t agree about the risque content in this blog.) Aside from the suggestiveness of it that gets on my nerves, this is my all-time favourite blog, and this blog puts me in a good mood. It did that time, not only getting to read such a positive and uplifting blog (shout out to Rosie Londoner!) but getting to read it while at the exotic Gunsbach. Nuff’ said.

Anyway, moving on, Francine later invited me as she gathered with her fellow staff for a celebratory afternoon tea gathering outside on the school grounds (after the kids had left.) We had individual chocolate cake pieces in heart shapes, dusted off with icing sugar and enjoyed with some (I think) champagne. (Your diet should never be too healthy!)

That evening we retired back at Francine’s home. It may have been that same night when her daughter Marion was visiting and she cooked up a spread: crepes with vegetables for dinner, crepes with Nutella and maple syrup for dessert. At anticipation I sang out “Nutella Nutella Nutella, everybody loves Nutella!”.

that night I got to venture up the steep wooden steps and into Francine’s other daughter, Ariane’s, empty bedroom where I slept. It was in the attic and it was cosy as heck. Aww, I was treated like royalty. So much warmth in my heart at the thought of the memory.

I was off to bed then, and soon tonight, I am off to bed, last post of tonight. Bonne nuit x


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