how to travel if you’re not in the mood

travel edited.jpgTravelling costs money. There’s no denying that. However, travelling can be worth every dollar if you do it right. However, if you spend all your trip grumpy and cooped up inside, then that is a waste of $$$. I am guilty of doing that myself the last time I went to France. Whoops.

  • #justpushyourself the best day of my life was three years ago when I went to Paris with my grandfather. How did I feel when I emerged from the train station into the city with Arc de Triomphe in view? Elated? Ready to take on the world? Maybe somewhat, but more like, I felt grumpy! But, after a refreshing day walking around the city I had dreamed of visiting for a while, indulging in the best macarons and chocolat chaud in the world (note that in the film Ratatouille, they say something like “the best food in the world is in France, and the best food in France is in Paris”… pretty accurate), meeting with my grandfather’s friend (who gave me my first macaron) and much more, in the summer air, let’s just say it become one heckova day that I would do again in a heartbeat. That’s got a lot to do with the fact that I was not cooped up in my room on my phone/tablet, but was strolling outside and experiencing the joy of simply being in Paris.
  • sleep you may be tempted to stay up all night trying to take in as much as you can. Good intentions, but you will probably have a better time sleeping at the right time and being well rested to continue your adventure. If you find it hard to sleep in a youth hostel with 6 people around you and a party at the common room, you could decide to catch some z’s during the day, if you don’t mind missing a few hours of daylight. You could be an owl and partake in night strolls and late night snacking and hanging out with fellow owls at night instead of sleeping, but be careful walking around at night, stay where the lights are!
  • smile and keep your head high you could pretend you are in a good mood and maybe then you might just cheer up.
  • go for a walk this can clear your head, let off steam and allow you to take in the scenery of your chosen destination. You can also have endorphins released and pray silently without distractions.
  • eat well fill up on plenty of vegetables if you can afford it. You may not be able to afford an optimally nutritious and all-organic diet, especially if you are travelling on a budget. However, where you can, eat until 3/4 full (okay that’s hypocritical of me to say as sometimes I helplessly eat until I’m bloated) eat plenty of fruit and veg each day (9-10 serves is ideal but not always possible) and fill up on protein, fat and moderate amounts of carbs. Having said that…
  • … don’t deprive yourself. In Paris? The macarons and chocolat chaud there are not just next level, but 1000 levels above average in quality! (in fact everything in France in general seems to taste better). Part of a healthy, balanced diet is enjoying such treats. Food is all part of the experience of travelling. There is no need to make yourself unnecessarily grumpy because you are consistently denying yourself say chocolate or whatever.
  • spend time outdoors goes without saying; it is healthier to be out in the fresh air than cooped up indoors, although, if you are working indoors, you could utilise your rest time to refresh in the fresh air that you paid to immerse yourself in.
  • meet new people you will be forced to listen to others and think of someone else than yourself. Plus, you will have another soul to witness to.

what are your tips for if you are not in the mood, when you are travelling and have already paid thousands of dollars for it?


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