Europe adventure, 2013, part 3

During the first week, my grandparents and I went to my Auntie and Uncle’s house for a feast of a lunch. In France, lunch is apparently the most abundant meal, and people at work over there have an entire hour’s break for lunch. Am I right, French people? Anyway, I dressed up in my favourite dress, which is an apricot coloured dress with a floral pattern on the upper part and a thin belt. I decided to some emotional processing to let out some pent-up, well, emotions, before diving into the feast.

After an attempt at processing followed by a long car trip, we finally set foot at the house of my Auntie and Uncle and began our multi-course banquet on their semi-indoor-semi-outdoor balcony. From what I can remember, (we had more than that, but to name some) we had various kinds of fine French cheese, probably fine French bread as well and authentic vanilla ice cream and strawberries where in the ice cream you could actually see the vanilla seeds. A separate animal next to the typical vanilla ice cream you would buy in a supermarket!

That evening, back at Mamie and Papie’s. Papi or mamie told me that if I get hungry, even after the feast, because I am young, I can go help myself a bite to eat in the kitchen. They would not eat as they were full from the feast; they are elderly and don’t need as much food as my then-teenage body. How hospitable and thoughtful of them! I have not forgotten.

In the kitchen was nothing short of dainty deliciousness: authentic French bakery bread, le beurre (butter in French), and, my favourite, Banania. Banania is basically a very very delicious drinking chocolate powder, 1000 times better than standard Australian drinking chocolate, not gonna lie. You can find it in the following link:

to be continued


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