Pop’s 90th

The other week my mum, dad, my 28-year-old brother and I drove to Dorrigo for my grandfather’s (pop’s) celebratory 90th birthday lunch.

We drove past grassy green pastures of happy cows in the glistening sunshine. We drove past hills and vibrant trees. We drove past the vintage architecture in the Humble Bellingen before we drove past a spectacular river past the city.

Up and up the Dorrigo mountains we went, before we arrived at North Dorrigo Restaurant. I was starting to get hungry, and waiting for lunch to be ready was a patience game. We need to be patient in this life, to be rewarded in the next life.

My family and I were among the first to arrive, or were in fact the first to arrive. Soon, more and more guests arrived from Queensland and even Britain. We mingled around until at last lunch was ready. We had a buffet of cold food on one side of the room such as oysters, prawns, roast chicken, salads, pasta and cold meats. On the other side we had hot food such as cauliflower bake (really great!), sweet potato, pumpkin and potato. I tried a couple of oysters. To be honest, I wasn’t very keen on them and I could have done without any.

My father and about two other members of a band called Headland played a gig there. We danced and had a ball. Soon dessert was served. One of the desserts was sticky date pudding with custard, which was not overly sweet and rich like sticky date that I’ve had in the past. (though I like that kind of sticky date!). The other dessert was a fluffy lemon cheesecake. I had half the sticky date, before swapping with my mum and having half her cheesecake. That’s right, we played swapsies so I could taste both desserts. Win-win!

Speeches were made by people there such as one of the children, my pop, my nan, my dad and my brother. Soon coffee and tea was served. Naturally, I said yes to coffee, even though it wasn’t Fairtrade.

Soon the birthday cake was cut (more sugar!) which was a carrot cake coated in green icing, golf themed.

Soon we settled back to my nan and pop’s house. I was glad I didn’t have to clean up after the feast! To burn some of the energy taken in at the banquet, I went for a long walk around dorrigo. My inner child played on every piece of equipment at a local playground!

After I was done playing the full circuit on the playground I walked over to look at the train wrecks.

I arrived back too late. Yes, that’s right, I did the wrong thing.

Following that unfortunate occurrence, we as an extended family spent the night chilling out in the living room, fire going. It was there that I sucked some helium from balloons we took home from the party and spoke in a helium-induced high pitched voice.

yep, that’s what I did.

Later that night we as an extended family met at a local pub, where I had a couple of slices of vegetarian pizza with garlic-y basil-y goodness scattered over it.

Soon I headed back home for some shut-eye beauty treatment.

The essential kind of treatment, y’know.


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