avocado coffee recipe

On Saturday morning I came across the idea of avocado coffee reading a Top Deck magazine. Avocado. Coffee. Two of my favourite things. Where can you go wrong with avocado and coffee? (a food coma and jitters, I suppose)

So, I decided to brew up a coffee and use the sad half avocado waiting in the fridge that actually looked very happy and waiting to be eaten… okay that probably makes no sense but anyway…

I came up with a recipe, which calls for:

  • a quarter of a medium avocado or half a small avocado
  • half a cup strong-ish coffee or 1 cup coffee (whatever is appropriate for you without crossing the caffeine limit line)
  • 1/3 of a cup full cream milk. (more or less if desired)


  • brew up your coffee and pour into a mug
  • pour in your milk
  • pop into a blender with the avocado and whiz!
  • optional: you could add a bit of vanilla and cinnamon, like I did, but I feel like it could have done without it. But hey, it’s up to you!

So there you go! A frothy, creamy coffee without the big, fat, calorific (and horribly sickening!) dollop (or four) of cream! Serve in your favourite mug (I use my current fave: a babushka mug) and enjoy!IMG_6903.JPG


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