Europe adventure, part 6

This may have been before or after I stayed with Francine, but I also, while in Europe, went to Lugano, Switzerland with my grandparents. Lugano is on the Italy-Switzerland border and people there speak Italian. Perfect opportunity for me to practice my Italian for school!

We scooted off from Mulhouse, France to Lugano, Switzerland on a train. Outside the train window were spectacular views of Switzerland’s beauty. My grandparents encouraged me to actually put my head up and look out the window!

Switzerland seemed to get more summery the further south we traveled. Finally, we arrived in Lugano, still day time.

In Lugano my grandparents treated me like royalty. They shouted me my very own hotel room (shout out to Hotel Delfino, Lugano! You can find their website in the following link: I had space, a double bed and a balcony. Whee! Plus a TV and WiFi. Even better, my grandparents and I had a breakfast buffet at the hotel 2 mornings in a row, which involved croissant and nutella (yum!). Addionally, we shared 2 lunch buffets in 2 consecutive days, which involved tomato and, my favourite, dessert of la torta and il gelato. Bloody heck I was spoiled!

Luganoprèsdel27hôtelDelfinothumbnail_Lugano vue de l%27hôtel sur le Monte Salvatore

but outside that one fine hotel, were life’s simple things. By simple things, I mean we went for strolls along rivers, a ski lift to the top of a hill (okay maybe not that simple), sight seeing and discovering some sculptures.

thumbnail_Lugano quartier ancien cathédr S. Lorenzo


so many photos, so little time to edit them all. Enjoy the authenticity of unedited photos… lol

I might call it a POST now. Even call it a night, it’s nearly bedtime and sleep is essential.

Stay tuned for upcoming (now in the past by more than three years) Euro-ventures!


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